Skills Enhancement Training for Refugees

Project title:
"Skills Enhancement Training for Refugees"
Funding Agency: Armenian Red Cross Society
Assisted by: Armenian Refugees Supporting League
Target Group:
Refugees from several countries registered in Armenia
Project Duration:
16 June - 26 December, 2003

Short information about refugees in Armenia

Introduction to the project

According to the official information, there are 12 persons from non-CIS countries who was recognized as a refugees and living in Armenia. They are mainly from Meddle East and African countries, escaping persecution because of their ethnic or religion. Some of them left the country because of armed conflicts. Mostly they are single males, but there are few persons who came with their families.

For most of them Armenia was just a country name or place on the map. Getting the asylum here they faced a lot of problems which they can't solve themselves. Mainly their problems are the same with others: unemployment, bad conditions, etc. But unlike us they don't have anyone to help them, they don't know Armenian language and traditions, they are not familiar with RA legislation. Sometimes they don't have even a place to live. And all this make them more vulnerable than others.

From 2002 Armenian Red Cross Society funded by the UNHCR branch office in Armenia implementing project aimed to help to asylum seekers and newly recognized refugees. Within the project Armenian Red Cross Society providing financial and non-financial assistance and conducting special activities directed to integration of refugees, like language and vocational trainings. This project involves 7 out of 12 refugees, who were determined as most needy.

In 2003 Armenian Red Cross Society started cooperation with International Accountancy Training Center. The IATC is providing Armenian language and Computer classes to 6 refugees. The trainings aimed to alleviate the isolation of the refugees, caused because of language problems, help them to integrate into society and find a job.

The target group of this project is one of the most isolated and vulnerable groups of Armenian society, refugees. The project is designed to provide participants with professional education in accounting, taxation and computer skills. The project will enable participants to be ready for the job market. One of the objectives of the project is to try to reduce the unemployment rate and migration intentions in Armenia. The project also aims to smoothen the integration process of refugees to the social life of the Republic of Armenia by organizing classes in Armenian language and Computer Skills.

The project start day is June 16, 2003.


In particular it is expected that other NGOs will also participate in the project by choosing program participants, monitoring the project and producing a report by the completion of the project.

Major outputs resulting from implementation of this project:  

6 refugees will be trained in total of 124 hours though intensive training program, which will help them better integrate in Armenian society, and find a job.

It is expected that the project will
a. Foster integration of the refugees into the economic process of our society.

b. Assist in adaptation of refugees into existing social- psychological environment.

c. Give a real possibility to participants to land on a job.

d. Reduce migration moods among refugees.

3. Partnership development and networking among NGOs.

Brief Description of the Training Course

The training course will be conducted according to the following program:

1. Armenian Language,

2. Computer Skills.