Public and Tax Accounting for the State Tax Service of the RA Large Taxpayer Inspectorate Inspectors

Project title:
"Public and Tax Accounting for the State Tax Service of the Republic of Armenia Women Empowerment through Professional Training"
Funding Agency: USAID, Booz Allen Hamilton Inc.
Project Partner: PHP Partners CJSC
Target Group:
Large taxpayer Inspectorate Inspectors of the RA
Project Duration:
16 November 2007 - 20 December 2007

Introduction to the project

The objective of the project under the Armenia Tax Improvement Project (ATIP) financed by the USAID and implemented by Booz Allen Hamilton Inc. was to conduct a training in the peculiarities of public and financial accounting for inspectors of the Large Taxpayers Inspectorate of the State Tax Service of the Government of the Republic of Armenia, develop new training materials, check the participantsí residual knowledge and have the course evaluated by the participants through feedback.

The course syllabus was developed to cover the following topics:

  • Reforms of public accounting and statutory regulation of public accounting;
  • Public, tax and management accounting;
  • Key differences between public and financial accounting and their peculiarities;
  • The Law of RA on Public Accounting;
  • Key accounting standards;
  • Deferred tax assets and deferred tax liabilities;
  • Financial statements;
  • Chart of accounts.

Around 47 specialists were trained in the period from December 3 through December 14, 2007.