Equal Rights

Project title:
Equal Rights
Funding Agency: Bridge of Hope; Mission East, DANIDA
Project Partner ‘"Astghik" disabled children's parents' association NGO
Target Group:
Beneficiaries of the "Astghik" disabled children's parents' association
Project Duration:
7 November, 2012 – 14 December, 2012

Project Description

December 12, 2012 at 12:00 PM "International Accountancy Training Centre" Educational Fund hosted an event on the International Day of the Disabled, December 3 within the framework of "Equal Rights" Program at "Ani" Hall of "Ani Plaza" Hotel.

The Project was implemented by the support of "Bridge of Hope" NGO, "Mission East", “DANIDA” Organizzation and Ministry of Education and Science of the RA.

The project aimed to increase the awareness of the public on the equal rights of education of young people with disabilities.

The event planned meetings with the representatives of RA Ministry of Education and Science, other Ministries, interested State Authorites, Yerevan Municipality and Mass Media.

The event was a unique summary of the results which enabled to present the educational issues of the disabled to the beneficiary authorities and the public with the demand of ensuring equal educational rights of all citizens of RA. All the improvements made in RA (on inclusive education, accessible environment, etc.) on the basis of the Convention on “The Rights of the Disabled” adopted by UN in 2006 and ratified by RA Government in November, 2010, were also introduced at the Event.

An exhibition of creative works of the people with disablities, as well as a small concert organized jointly with the participants also took place during the Event. The participants were provided with guidelines on the monitoring of “The issues of the disabled in Tavush region" (inclusive education).

The event was attended by the beneficiaries of "Astghik" disabled children's parents' Association; children with disabilities, family members, children on wheelchairs and other young disabled people, as well as first-year Master's course students of the "International Accountancy Training Centre''.


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