On January 27-28, February 10-11 and March 4-5 2005 the Seminar on "Last Changes of the Tax Legislation of RA" was organized. It was delivered by Vakhtang Mirumyan, Head of Tax Methodology Department of the Ministry of Finance and Economy.

He has thorough knowledge in Tax System of the RA, participated in the seminars and retraining courses on General Economics, Fiscal Policy, Taxation and Governmental Finances, also has direct participation in the latest changes of the Tax System of the RA. He has graduated from the Yerevan State Institute of Economy, Department of Marketing and continued his studies in the Armenian Agriculture Academy, Department of Economic Theory, as a Post Graduate Student. He has received his Ph.D from Institute of Economic Research of the Ministry of Finance and Economy of the RA in 2004.

Main topics of consideration during the seminar:

  •  Main Principles of Tax Legislation of the RA, Essential Introduction to the Tax System of the RA;

  •  General description of Tax System of the RA, basic principles of Tax Law of the RA;

  •  Differentiation between Financial Accounting and Accounting for taxation purposes;

  •  Calculation of taxes and other types of main obligatory duties;

  •  Presentation of tax calculations and accounting reports.  

The next seminar is planned for 30-31 March, 2005.

Additional details:

Time: 18:00 - 21:00.

Course duration: 6 hours with coffee breaks.

Course fee: 18 000 drams (including VAT).

Registration deadline: 28 March, 2005.