Date: May 7-11, 2000.

Tacis funded Support to National Coordination Unit Project supports the department of EU Technical Support of Ministry of Finance and Economy of the RA to initiate the formation of Armenian experience in Projects programming.

One week intensive course was organized and financed by Tacis, which was held by highly qualified international experts of ILO (International Labor Oragnization ) in "International Accountancy Training Centre" Educational Fund.

The seminar was lead by Mr. George Simonicks and Mrs. Tita Franchesen.
Number of participants counted 17.

IATC provided its facilities and technical support for the seminar delivery, appreciating both its importance and the opportunity of further collaboration together with famous ILO International Organization, aiming at to transferring the Project Management skills of this organization to many other Armenian companies.
In fact, there are real opportunities for the collaboration with "International Accountancy Training Centre" Educational Fund, considering that the strengthening of its position will have its positive impact upon all of the local regions.