Women Empowerment through Professional Training

Project title:
"Women Empowerment through Professional Training"
Funding Agency: Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation
Assisted by: All-Armenian Women Union
Target Group:
Unemployed women from Yerevan and neighboring regions (marzes)
Project Duration:
October 7, 2002 - March 31, 2003

Introduction to the project

During the transition period it became vital to enhance the women’s role in development of the Democratic Societies. That was the reason why a number of women’s organizations were established in Armenia aiming to cover wide range of women’s problems. However, these organizations still need support in dealing with such problems like women unemployment, their re-qualification and training, understanding and adaptation of the latest changes in the social environment, as well as their better positioning in the society.  

We believe that our contribution to overcome these problems will be a considerable step towards the development of real open and civil society. The project will be a partly solution for the problems, which are facing the target group.

The purpose of the project is to contribute to the enhancement of the women’s role in the society, through delivery of contemporary professional knowledge and assistance in further successful employment.  

‘IATC’ Fund recognizes that the role of public institutions is evident in building a democratic society. Being a non-governmental organization, IATC is aiming to address the problems emerging during the transition period for various groups of society through supporting them by providing with knowledge and practical tools for functioning in new social-economic environment of Armenia.

As one of this groups in our society, who needs immediate support actions, we recognize unemployed women. On this issue IATC initiated collaboration with one of the leading women NGOs in Armenia – All-Armenian Women Union.

The project has started on 7th of October 2002, and will be finished on 30th of April 2003.

Major outputs resulting from implementation of this project:  

About 60 women are trained in total of 159 hours though intensive training program, which will help them to start up new professional career. In addition, the participants will be provided with:

 -    6 hours meeting with psychologist aiming psychological rehabilitation of participants,

 -  Ability to recognize and address their problems to legislative and executive bodies, as well as to non-governmental organizations, 

 - Practical tools for good understanding of their opportunities in changing economic and legal environment,

 - Additional skills to get oriented in Employer – Employee relations,

 - Competitiveness in employment market,

 - Support for further employment from Employment Republican Service, coordinated by “IATC” Fund.  

During the course the participants also will have 2 meetings with psychologist in total for 6 hours.

The proposed number of participants is 66 unemployed women from Yerevan and neighboring regions (Marzes), seeking for a new qualification. The selection of the participants will be carried out with an assistance of All-Armenian Women Union. Representatives of regions (Marzes) will form 33% of participants of the project.


Brief Description of the Content

This project was aimed at training unemployed women from Yerevan and neighboring regions (Marzes) in accordance with the following programme:

1. Financial Accounting Framework,

2. Chart of Accounts of the RA & Main Accounting Standards,

3. Applied Accounting,

4. Tax System of the RA,
5. Business Law & Contractual Issues,

6. Computer Skills,

7. Women rights and role in the Civil Society,

8. How to apply for a job.