Support to the Development of an Integrated Vocational Education and
Training (VET) System in Armenia

Project title:
Funding Agency: European Union
Consortium of: IFOA, GTZ, IATC Fund
Target Group:
Policy and Strategy; VET Institutions; Employment and Labour Market
Project Duration:
January, 2004 - July, 2006

Short information about the project

The purpose of EU Tacis project is to develop and implement an overarching national VET strategy that contributes to increased participation of graduates in the workforce and results in improved economic and social conditions for individuals, groups and the nation generally.

The 30 months duration project began on January 26th, 2004.

The project is divided into three inter-related components:

  • Policy and Strategy with the main emphasis to enhance national capacity in developing and implementing VET policy and strategy

  • VET Institutions with the main task to develop the quality of VET schools and to establish a VET teacher education and training program

  • Employment and Labor Market with the main objectives to create regional competencies by enhancing the role of Labor Market Training Centres (LMTC) as well as to develop and implement selected curricula.

Project is implemented in two pilot Regions Lori and Tavush. Four pilot colleges are selected, which will be provided by some modern learning equipment.

The overall project objective is to assist the Armenian Government, through the Ministry of Education and Science, develop a quality, cost effective VET system flexible enough to respond to the changing needs of industry and commerce thus ensuring graduates have the necessary skills and knowledge to successfully compete in the labor market.

Specific objectives are:

  • To enhance national capacity in developing and implementing VET policy

  • To develop the quality of VET schools and to establish VET teacher education and training system

  • To develop reform measures for improving the employment and labour market perspectives by establishing close cooperation and coordination on the regional level between labour market centres, business community, VET schools and University branches.

The project is run by the consortium of 3 organizations (IFOA, GTZ and IATC), where IATC is the local partner.