"ACCOUNTING" Study Manual (Third Edition, November, 2015)

Developing economic situation in Armenia calls for the creation of the new textbooks and study manuals. The Current study manual is aiming to introduce the foundations of the financial accounting and Accounting Legislation. We are pleased to introduce you the third edition of our study manual, where the general Accounting Framework, Accounting Law of the RA, the main accounting standards, the newest Chart of Accounts and ways of their applications are presented in details. 

'Accounting" study manual has passed 15-year trial period. It is a result of team work, since the faculty of the IATC Fund has had direct input in its development process. Many students who passed the present course obviously have acquired new professional skills and abilities and have improved their knowledge on many fields, such as Current Assets accounting, Accounts Receivables and Accounts Payables ledgers, Non Current Assets accounting, financial statements and others.

The training manual is mainly addressed to those students who would like to start a new career in the financial field, as well as to practicing accountants, who would like to refresh their knowledge, since several case studies, practical examples and tasks designed for better illustration of the theoretical issues are widely represented in this manual.