Publication of this book raised a big interest among students studying Accountancy and Financial Management. The interest towards this textbook was caused, firstly, by the absence of a version in Armenian language, and by the appliance of interactive training methodology, which  is widely used by the author.

The textbook contains classic theory about Cost Accounting techniques, core topics of Financial Management, such as: Working Capital Management, Budgeting, Investment Projects Appraisal Methods, Relation of Risk and Profitability during Investment Decision Making.

Roy Dodge, was born in the UK in 1933, he has been a member of Association of Chartered and Certified Accountants in UK (FCCA) since 1978.

He is the author of many textbooks on Audit, Financial, Cost and Management Accounting, some of which have been translated and published in Russia. His experience in Practical Accounting and Auditing, consultancy and teaching (Cambridge National College, Westminster University) has contributed to the presence of a distinctive logical structure in many of his books, available and intelligible explanations, comprehensive interpretation and inclusion of many individual and group work. After visiting Armenia for the first time in January, 1998 to establish an Accountancy Training Centre within the EU Tacis Project framework, he still goes on living and working in Armenia (a country, which, according to his words "has become his home" ), teaching in American University of Armenia and supporting "International Accountancy Training Centre" Educational Fund as Academic Supervisor and member of Board of Trustees.

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